Tips to get rid of smoke odor after fire

The damage fire can cause to your property is a severe problem on so many levels. Direct damage refers to burning and irreversibly destroying household items and assets. However, the fire goes with many additional hazards that may linger on and continue to cause damage to your property or threaten the health of house inhabitants long after the fire itself is extinguished. This includes potential risks of water damage, sour and smoke polluting air conditions inside the house, dirt infiltrating various materials in the house and many more. Often getting rid of these byproducts becomes a bigger challenge than to extinguish the fire itself and restore the irreversibly damaged assets. The levels of residual smoke and soot odor depend on the size of the fire, length of exposure to fire, material burnt during the fire and several more factors. Nevertheless, the process of removing smoke odor after the fire is a serious task and should be handled by professional with experience and specialized equipment. Here are some useful tips for effective removing of smoke odor.

Air all the premises in the house

The first thing to do is to open all the doors and windows and let as much as possible fresh air to get into the house. Ensuring effective ventilation is essential for thorough removal of unpleasant smells and the tiniest particles of air pollution. Keep the doors and window open for at least half an hour. This may also not be enough, and the process might require applying positive pressure for ventilation. In this case, try turning the fans on the highest speed and pointing them towards corners and the most polluted areas in premises. This artificial air flow will force the smells to move towards open windows and doors and will help remove odor in a more effective manner.

Thorough cleaning of household items

Effective ventilation is essential, but usually not enough. Namely, the smallest particles of smoke and soot tend to embed to various porous material across the house, including surfaces of furniture, carpets, carpentry, books, even walls, and floors. Thus, thorough cleaning of all of this is necessary for complete removal of smoke odor. First, take all the curtains, carpets, furniture covers, clothes, towels, blankets and other removable materials outside to ventilate them for a while and wash them thoroughly later. Hire a professional cleaning company to provide deep cleaning of furniture and carpets. The best is to let professional fire damage restoration company handle the cleaning of the mere construction of the house. These guys have specific equipment and skills to clean walls, windows, ceiling, and floor in such manner to remove particles of smoke and soot without damaging the quality of construction itself. If you decide to do it yourself, use vinegar, dish soap and mild warm water for meticulous cleaning of all the surfaces. Baking soda has, also, proven its good effect on cleaning of carpets and upholstery. Various vacuum machines containing HEPA filter are superb when it comes to deep and thorough removal of the tiniest particles of pollution.

Repaint the walls

If the fire was extensive and the length of exposure to smoke and soot significant, the particles of pollution will probably infiltrate the deepest layers of every porous material, including the pain of the walls. Sometimes, repainting the walls will be necessary to remove unpleasant smell that lingers on.